Cooking pleasure has to do with good cookware: buy pots at Othello!
Vegetable pots, meat pots and pans. And of course also Saucepot: Basically it is not difficult to equip your kitchen! A few things you should ask yourself before you start: Is it more about Basic Cooking? Do you love Asian cooking? Do you like to cook, or do you prefer to cook your vegetables gently in a little water? Do you cook for your partner and you, or rather for and with friends and family, so for several people? Do you need several small pots and pans or a few big ones?

Vogue Series 26x18cm Stainless Steel Stockpot

Large vegetable pots - with excellent functionality. The Vogue range includes three products, a ..

Vogue Series 28x28cm Cast Iron Grill Pan

From now on is barbecue season all year round. It's for super steak lovers, this superlative gri..

Vogue Series 20x10.6cm Cast Iron High Casserole

Friends for life! Centuries ago, cooking was done in cast-iron pots, over an open fire, on coal ..

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