Low Casserole

Low Casserole

Our casserole

Do you like to eat meat and fish? Then it is worth investing in a good casserole. Our frying pans are ideal for searing and stewing. They are flatter than normal cooking pots and have a large diameter, so you can fry your meat loosely from all sides. The pots conduct the heat from all sides into the interior. This ensures that the meat can cook evenly and gently. Due to the well-closing lid, the liquid remains in the pot when stewing - and with it the good taste. So does not burn anything and your meat dish is really nice juicy.

Master Series 26x8.5cm Stainless Steel Low Casserole

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Classic Series 8pcs cookware set

Nice you have it at home! Cooking delicious is one advantage – the most important thing. And it ..

Classic Series 22x12cm Stainless Steel High Casserole

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Grace Series 24x7cm Stainless Steel Low Casserole

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Classic Series 28x8.5cm Stainless Steel Low Casserole

Open roast and braise - in a wide, flat saucepan.A pot with a particularly large soil surface - her..

Grace Series 8pcs Cookware Set

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Vogue Series 24x8cm Stainless Steel Low Casserole

Functionist Hero - also with pot handles and handles. The Vogue range includes three products, a..

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