Vogue Series 24x8cm Stainless Steel Low Casserole

Vogue Series 24x8cm Stainless Steel Low Casserole

  • Brands: Othello
  • Product Code: T1030522


Casserole Ø 24 cm, height 8 cm, 3 l, weight 2.46kg

Made of 18/10 stainless steel, incl. Particularly large, practical stainless steel handles

Suitable for oven, ceramic, grill, induction

Othello floor: for even heat distribution

Best suited for searing meat and then stewing

18/10 stainless steel, dishwasher safe, suitable for baking ovens, easy to clean, tasteless, acid-fast

 Easy to clean

Functionist Hero - also with pot handles and handles.

The Vogue range includes three products, a casserole and a vegetable pot in two different sizes. The peculiarity of these pots is their striking design, which is based on the functionality of the pots and lids: The handles are particularly large and handy to ensure a quick and safe handling when cooking.


Practical and healthy: Othello multi-layer base

A practical pot for versatile cooking is the casserole Ø 24 cm. Due to its large base surface and the nature of the press-welded thick base, it is ideal for searing and stewing, on every stove. Good pot bottom like those of Othello consist of several layers, but the whole bottom are firmly connected to the pot body. The different layers are made of materials such as pure aluminum, aluminum alloys, stainless steel and magnetic stainless steel. Othello's inner layer on all stainless steel pots and pans is made of 304 high-density, high-strength stainless steel for excellent heating. It is absolutely harmless to health: cooking does not cause any chemical reactions with food.  

Made Casserole with lid 24x8 cm
Height 8 cm
Weight 2.46kg
Capacity 3 l
Body thickness 0.7 mm
Bottom thickness 6.3 mm
Inside With measuring scale
Bottom diameter 26 cm
Pot material 18/10 stainless steel
Material handle Stainless steel
Surfaces Glossy
Temperature suitability Oven-safe
Fixing handles Welded
Optic handles Satin
Stove Suitable for oven, ceramic, grill, induction
EU standards EN12983-1 2000
Care Dishwasher safe
Scope of delivery 1 x saucepan, 1 x lid, 1 x product information, 1 x packaging
Packaging 330x320x135 mm, 3.2 kg
Article code 2103050022
Lid Material Glass, with stainless steel edge
EAN code 4260480610182
Lid Without air outlet

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