Grace Series 24x13.5cm Stainless Steel  High Casserole

Grace Series 24x13.5cm Stainless Steel High Casserole

  • Brands: Othello
  • Product Code: T1030527


Casserole Ø 24 cm, height 13.5 cm, 5 l, weight 2.23 kg

Made of 18/10 stainless steel

Suitable for oven, ceramic, grill, induction

Othello floor: for even heat distribution

Ideal for stewing meat and vegetable dishes, soups and stews, pasta

Design: mirror-polished, slightly rounded, with sturdy, strong handles

18/10 stainless steel, dishwasher safe, suitable for baking ovens, easy to clean, tasteless, acid-fast

Easy to clean

So that's how cozy cooking looks like!

Straight design may not the only choice in your kitchen.  Even in the kitchen, there is a trend towards more coziness, we do not even call him retro. Ohello Grace offers two cozy pots: a meat and a casserole.


At the meat pot 24x13,5 cm not only the slightly round and glossy design of the pot stands out, but also the large clear handles, which fit particularly well to this pot. Not only visually but also functionally. Basically, it is advisable to tackle hot pots with potholders. Not only because of the handles, which heat up, but of course never get as hot as the pot itself. But also because of the pot, because how quickly do you come with the back of your hand to the pot wall! And potholders (or cooking gloves), which are available in all shapes and colors, also ensure a cozy kitchen, right?


In use, the cozy meat pot Ø24 cm is particularly versatile: As the name implies, it is used for the preparation of meat, but also of stews, soups and vegetables. You could, for example, stew a whole cauliflower head in it! Or cook your jacket potatoes in it. Or a Chili con Carne, but it's also good sin Carne. As I said: very versatile!

Made Casserole with lid 24x13,5 cm
Height 13.5 cm
Weight 2.23 kg
Wall thickness 0.7 mm
Capacity 5 l
Body thickness 0.8 mm
Bottom thickness 5.9 mm
Inside With measuring scale
Bottom diameter 26 cm
Pot material 18/10 stainless steel
Material handle Stainless steel
Surfaces Inside satin finish, outside mirror finish
Temperature suitability Oven-safe
Fixing handles Welded
Optic handles Mirror polished
Stove Suitable for oven, ceramic, grill, induction
EU standards EN12983-1 2000
Care Dishwasher safe
Scope of delivery 1 x meat casserole, 1 x lid, 1 x product information, 1 x packaging
Packaging 330x300x190 mm, 2.9 kg
Article code 2103050027
Lid Material Glass, with stainless steel edge
EAN code 4260480610625
Lid Without air outlet

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