Grace Series Steel Stainless Paring Knife

Grace Series Steel Stainless Paring Knife

  • Brands: Othello
  • Product Code: T1050116


    A good helper for the cooking DIY life in kitchen. Cutting, planning and peeling operations can be achieved quickly only by a planer rather than a kitchen knife.

    It can freely peel off the vegetables finely and evenly without waste, and it can be used to easily plane or peel off the tomatoes, fruit peels, carrots, gingers and potatoes.

    High quality and top grade: it is made of good-grade 304 stainless steel, it is healthy and non-toxic, resistant to rust and not easy to wear.

    Fashion appearance: it is smooth and burr-free as a whole; it is firm and not easy to break, and meanwhile, it is durable, wear-resistant and even more resistant to fall.

    Exquisite workmanship: based on the design of two-way blades, it can be operated by either left hand or right hand. It is also applicable to the left-handed people.

    It has an elegant and simple handle, designed with a hook, easy to hang and store.